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OFFERS AND PRICES Our offers are non-binding and subject to sale in the meantime, if the duration of their validity is not exactly specified. The customer may be invoiced for lighting design studies prepared especially for the customer if they are not followed by a corresponding order. The customer's terms of purchase, changes to the terms of sale and delivery and other agreements are only valid if they have been accepted in writing.

SHIPPING Lamp Concept determines the mode of shipment. It has the right to make partial deliveries. For shipments, the signature of the recipient or a member of its staff shall serve as confirmation that the shipment is complete and without apparent defects. Goods are shipped at the risk of the consignee.

PACKING AND TRANSPORTATION COSTS Free deliveries from CHF 500.00 net without VAT. The consignee shall provide, at his own expense, the necessary personnel for unloading. Additional costs for special shipments will be charged. Disposal of the packaging is at the expense of the recipient.

ORDERS By placing an order, the customer acknowledges these terms of delivery. When the customer places an order and this order has been confirmed by Lamp Concept, modifications or cancellations can only be made by mutual agreement between the two parties. Modifications or cancellations are excluded in the case of special executions. The goods ordered on call must be accepted within the agreed period. If this period exceeds three months, Lamp Concept is entitled to issue an invoice for the goods, as well as for the interest on the capital and the storage costs.

DELIVERY DEADLINES Delivery deadlines are met as far as possible. Claims for compensation in the event of delays will not be taken into account.

SAMPLES Returns will only be accepted after prior agreement and free of charge. For the processing of returns, we need a return form duly completed. Only standard products, in their original packaging, will be taken back. Fixtures that have been modified or damaged by the recipient (e.g. creation of openings for electrical leads or removal of pre-packaged inlets or the like) will be invoiced in all cases. All returns and samples are subject to deductions, which are calculated on the basis of the net value of the goods. A minimum of CHF 20.00 will be charged for inspection and administration (with the exception of sample shipments which will be returned within 30 days in good condition and in their original packaging).

COMPLAINTS Complaints concerning deliveries with insufficient or incorrect quantities, as well as possible defects, can only be taken into consideration if the recipient communicates them in writing to Lamp Concept within eight days of the delivery.

GUARANTEE The guarantee for luminaires and devices without lamps and starters is two years from the date of delivery. During this period it is limited to detectable defects, attributable to material, execution or manufacturing errors on the part of Lamp Concept. Any other guarantee or compensation for damages is excluded. In particular, the costs of dismantling, reassembling or programming the luminaires and devices, as well as any other damage resulting from this, are not recognized. Furthermore, no warranty is recognized for material that has been modified or repaired by the customer or third parties, or if the installation or operating instructions have not been followed. Also excluded from the warranty are luminaires and devices manufactured according to the customer's own designs or models, if the defects are attributable to design errors. If the High Voltage Inspectorate requires an examination or modification of such equipment, all resulting costs shall be borne by the customer. For any warranty claim, the defective material must be returned to Lamp Concept, packed and free of charge.

RESERVATION OF OWNERSHIP We reserve our right of ownership on all products sold until receipt of the full sale price and can proceed with the corresponding entry in the register of reservation of ownership agreements.

PAYMENT TERMS Invoices are payable within 30 days without any deductions. Other terms of payment are to be agreed in writing.

OTHER AGREEMENTS Commitments or agreements which change these terms of delivery shall only be valid if they have been confirmed in writing. In the case of tenders, the terms of sale and delivery shall be authoritative in the event that the conditions of tender provide for different provisions. With the exception of special provisions, these terms of delivery shall be governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations.